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Homeschool Supplies - Canada

Keeping kids engaged and participating in physical and virtual classrooms is important. This is why it’s so vital to provide all you can to facilitate their educational journey. For writing instruments, floor markers, stickers, bulletin boards, teaching aids, incentive charts, teacher’s planners and much more, trust Thinker Trove.

Teaching Aids for Homeschooling Families

For example, in subjects like math, instead of relying on chalkboards and whiteboards, consider expanding your resources with the help of our learning cards. Or when it comes time for French language arts, social studies or Canadian history, why not try out resources that can be repurposed to help families work through anything, from syntax and grammar to the required history lessons in your province.

Supporting Canadian Home School Education

Related homeschool supplies, such as our EZ-Spin curriculum cut-outs ensure that your students learn their addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication tables.

Shop with Thinker Trove, for Everything on Your School Supply List!

Society depends on its teachers, which is why Thinker Trove is dedicated to making sure that teachers are prepared for the challenges of online and in-person leaning. Choose Thinker Trove to find everything on your school supplies list at an affordable price!

Homeschool Materials

Homeschooling can often be better for your child because you already have a relationship with them and will have a better idea of how to explain concepts to them. Thinker Trove is the place to find the essential school supplies that your children will use over and over again.

Learning Aids for any Curriculum, from Preschool to High School

Using flashcards turns learning into a game, guaranteeing you'll keep your child's attention longer and encourage their participation. We offer flashcards for math and language arts that lets the whole family get in on the action. With the addition of one of our sand timers, everyone can enjoy a little friendly competition while still following the homeschool curriculum.

Storage Solutions

Store their school supplies in coloured book bins that correspond to each course. It's a great way to teach them that there's "a place for everything and everything in its place." We're here for all of your homeschooling needs!