ABC Say it with me DVD

 ABC Say It With Me – Bible Memory Verses teaches children of all ages (and adults too!) a memory verse for each letter of the alphabet. But that’s not all! Each letter also has a corresponding one to two minute vignette showing a visual depiction of the verse put into practice.

 For example:
  • In “B” a brother remembers to be kind by sharing with his little sister. 
  • In “D” children are encouraged to pick up their toys without complaining. 
  • In “H” children honor their parents through loving acts of thoughtfulness. 
  • In “T” a 13 year-old brother takes time to read the Bible to his younger siblings. 
  • In "Y" a young lady and her family are the "light of the world" to a harried restaurant waiter! 
Filled with delightful music and endearing scenes of home, farm, and family life, ABC Say It With Me promotes family unity, Scriptural truths, and, most importantly , the gospel message of Jesus Christ. An enjoyable and easy way to memorize and apply the character- building truths of God's Word!  DVD Bonus Features (not included on download version) include "Behind the Scenes" (6 min.) and promotional trailers for other Moore Family Films.