Amazone UX 5200 trailed field sprayer

Bruder 02207 Amazone UX 5200 Trailed Field Sprayer

 Calling all farmers! Bruder will impress you with this fully functional spreader unit with a water tank that actually holds water! Other features include a sophisticated pump and hose system that can easily spread water across your fields.

  • Two-part unfolding ladder for maintenance access
  • Compressed-air hand pump to push the water from the tank into the hose system
  • Fold-out outrigger arms, two outriggers each on the left and the right
  • Hose system inside the outriggers including water shut-off lever
  • Nine hose openings on each outrigger side for spraying water
  • Hose system detachable for cleaning


  • 15.1 x 39.2 x 7.8 inch. 

Choking Hazard - Small parts. Not for children under 3. years.