Bruder John Deere 7930

You might recognize the John Deere 7930 from the 3000 Premium Pro series of tractors. 

This product is distinguished by its versatility, as it is equipped with a fully glazed driver's cab, featuring cab doors that can be opened and closed. What’s more, the engine bonnet folds up and provides an unobstructed view of the entire engine block.

The front weight, as well as the frontloader hoisting mechanism, provide for the perfect load distribution in any work position. Supported by the twin tires contained in this model and the steerable off-road full floating front axle, the John Deere ploughs its course through even the most difficult terrain thanks to its unique steering rod. The front loader receiver present on the vehicle can be used to increase the vehicle's functionality even further.

This play/steering system, featuring a steering wheel that is extended through the cabin roof, has enough room for a figurine to sit inside.

Tractor Features

    • Made in Germany
  • Dimensions: 50.5 x 19 x 22 centimeters
  • Driver’s cab:
      • Doors can be opened
    • Automotive body:
      • Detachable front weight
      • Tow coupling with height-adjustable lifting gear
      • Receiver for front loader
      • Engine bonnet can be opened
    • Chassis:
      • Steerable and off-road front axle
      • Tread tires
    • Motion/Function:
      • Additional steering rod allows steering through the sliding tractor roof

    The John Deere tractor is suitable for children three years and up and for playing indoors and outdoors. 

    WARNING: Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard - small parts.

    Fun Inside and Out

    As a family-owner German brand known for its superior craftsmanship and engineering, Bruder Toys has been making durable toys since 1926. Manufactured from high-quality ABS plastics, the John Deere tractor won’t fade, even after it’s been in the sun.

    Toys enable children to tap into their imagination and develop their creativity. WIth John Deere tractors, they can create a farming village right in their own backyard. 

    From making trenches to creating miniature gardens for their figurines, this toy will keep them occupied for hours in the fresh air. A figurine may be in the driver’s seat, but your child is the driving force behind this toy! By simply extending the steering wheel through the cabin roof, this tractor will go wherever your child directs it.

    Bruder makes toys better than other companies because their products are so realistic with opening doors, a detachable front loader and tread wheels. This John Deere tractor is too cool! While this realistic Bruder tractor can be handled by children, it also makes an exquisite collection piece. 

    For more fun, you can expand your Bruder collection! The John Deer tractor can be hooked up to other farming trailers sold by Bruder. Browse our selection of similar toys and accessories.

    Gift Ideas: A John Deere Tractor

    Surprise them on their birthday or brighten their day with this awesome Bruder toy! This toy tractor can easily scoop up items, such as rocks and sand, and navigate over uneven terrain. Whether your little one is playing in the living room or at the park, this Bruder tractor is made to last. 

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