MACK Granite Dump Truck with Bruder Snow Plow Blade

Bruder Toys, such as the MACK Dump Truck, inspire kids to discover and learn about the world around them. Made with incredible German technology and high-quality plastics, the MACK Dump Truck is designed with realistic details. 

Kids can use the tipping trough to load and unload materials, including sand, rocks, and snow. Whether they’re building a town or cleaning the paths for the residents with the snow plough, this durable toy can withstand wintry road conditions and construction work.

The MACK Dump Truck has many cool features:

  • Folding mirrors
  • Moveable doors and engine hood
  • Tipping trough
  • Swinging tailgate
  • Tread tires
  • Figures access

Additionally, the MACK Dump Truck has technical characteristics: a sound and light component that matches a real-life MACK truck! It comes with a horn sound, siren, engine noise, and flashing light. All of these features are triggered by pressing a button, and they have an automatic switch-off function after 18 seconds. Batteries are included.

The attachable snow plow blade angle can be easily adjusted by +/-30° with a twist of a knob behind the blade. The blade can be lifted up and down with a lever to place it in the operating or transport position. The blade can handle the thickest snow, paving a clear lane suitable for traffic and to prevent vehicles from accidents.

Warning: Choking hazard—small parts. This toy is suitable for children four and up.

Toys Made for Playing Indoors and Outdoors

Kids can use their MACK Dump Truck with the snow plow blade on any road surface. It’s specially designed to allow kids across Canada to play in their backyards among their snow forts, sandbox, or swing set. You can also remove the snow plow blade and use the truck to carry other items, like blocks, if indoors. 

The MACK Dump Truck is an example of the power and efficiency needed on a cold working day when people need to drive to work. As kids play, they will question how trucks, workers, and towns operate. They will be prompted to ask their parents and teachers more questions, which can motivate them to read and learn more. 

Whether they’re in an educational setting or at home, they never stop learning. Bruder Toys set kids on the path of discovering who they are and where they will find their place in the community.

Figures Access

Expand your collection with figurines that can fit inside any Bruder vehicle. Kids can create a true town with all of the essential services, from a fire truck to a snowmobile to a John Deere tractor. Figurines and other vehicles are sold separately.

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