Sensory Sand Bin- Farm Animals

  • Promote sensory development with a product that will provide endless entertainment. Give kids a form of self-expression that will help them express and cope with their feelings. As visual motor and creativity skills get developed, it will provide opportunities for trying out new ideas and promote new ways of thinking and problem solving.

    Parents can follow along in the sensory guide provided on each Sense & Grow product box to learn about the importance of sensory play and fine motor development. They will recognize the advantages of the sensory items and all it provides for their child’s well-being and overall development. By working on these important skills in a fun way, kids will be able to complete important tasks, such as buttoning and zippering, much easier.


    Reusable storage bin
  • 6 farm animals- identify them and then give them a name!
  • Scooper and shovel- so you can dig and build
  • Sand to explore and play with
  • Instructions that provide fun ways to use your kit