Tantrix Discovery Game

This Tantrix Family Game Pack is stuffed to the brim with 25 solitaire puzzles PLUS a 4-player strategy game !
If you love Tantrix puzzles, you’ll love this game, and the handy nylon bag makes the perfect “grab-and-go” accessory for taking Tantrix to play with friends and neighbours. Fun for the entire family !

Here’s how the game works:
– After deciding what color to play, players select 6 tiles from the bag without looking, lining them face up in front of them.
– The first player lays down a tile in the middle of the playing area, then draws another tile from the bag, always keeping 6.
– The next player adds a tile to the game to match the connecting color, then draws another tile, always keeping 6.
– As each player adds a tile, trying to make their own color line the longest, or create “Forced Spaces”.
– When “Forced Spaces” or 3-sided spaces are created, players must try to fill this space before adding a tile to their color line.
– When all tiles are used up, the player with the longest continuous line of their color wins.

Ages: 8+
Number of Players: 1 to 4

Warning – Small Parts – Not Suitable for children under 3 years old.