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HomeSpectrum Books and More by Carson Dellosa Publishing
HomeSpectrum Books and More by Carson Dellosa Publishing

Prepare Young Learners for the School Year

From Kindergarten to Grade 5, parents and teachers can provide a well-rounded curriculum for their children and students. Our Spectrum workbooks are one of our best-selling series that helps children learn at various levels. We also carry Summer Bridge Activities and Big Skills for Little Hands books.  

Create a Fun Learning Environment

These popular brands offer workbooks for many subjects, including: 

  • Cursive Writing
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Reading

Spectrum Math workbooks help children improve their problem-solving skills with thought-provoking practice that keeps them ahead in their studies. Whether kids are in Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3, Spectrum Math allows them to see mathematics in everyday situations through progressive learning.

Teaching Language Arts is easier with Carson Dellosa workbooks because they provide a clear and organized layout while making punctuation, grammar, and capitalization rules more interesting. With the right comprehensive learning material, parents and teachers across Canada save time, providing a complete curriculum

Kids will absolutely love learning new concepts, ideas, and skills as they work through the many pages of our Carson Dellosa interactive notebook options. But you can go the extra mile. Make your classroom or homeschool room colourful and engaging for your kids to concentrate better on their work. Thinker Trove offers a variety of bulletin board sets, borders, Language Arts posters, stickers, and more that will motivate and boost your child’s confidence.

Get the Right Resources at Thinker Trove

Whether you need homeschooling supplies or classroom decorations, Thinker Trove has all of  the materials you need to make the school year amazing!

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