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Toys, Musical Instruments & Magic

Come rain or shine, you can turn playtime into a time of wonder with the help of musical instruments. Whether at home or in the classroom, instruments help young children learn about the wide range of sounds and rhythms through skillful manipulation. Music and toys are a special magic that bring joy to their hearts while encouraging family time. 

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The Benefits of Music for Kids

Music allows your little one to explore what’s possible with each type of instrument. Kids love to mimic, and as they get older this early experimentation with sound and rhythm could pay dividends, giving them a real musical ear for the rest of their lives. 

Musical instruments can help kids to express themselves, from the happiness of their successes to the sadness or anger of rejection. Developing social-emotional and motor skills using instruments is important. As they grow up, they’ll discover the cause and effect of hitting drums, and understand how to create a good rhythm over time. Making a song sometimes needs more than one instrument and person, which helps toddlers and young kids to play with others. They learn how to cooperate and share. 

And when they’re not making music, kids are often dancing around. They learn about balance and become aware of their physical form. Dancing is another way for kids to express themselves and may develop into a passion as they get older. 

Note: Be sure to choose instruments that are age-appropriate. For example, toddlers are at the stage of developing hand-eye coordination and understanding their motor skills, so drums would be the best choice for them.

Hours of Play for Your Baby and Tyke

From toddler to tyke, Thinker Trove offers single musical instruments or bands for siblings and friends to play together. Children can try out string, wind, percussion, and membranophone instruments to find the type that they prefer. They’re sure to have hours of fun by themselves or with others.

Love the toy brand Melissa & Doug? We carry various products by them because they make toys that nurture curiosity and imagination without the need for technology. The Melissa & Doug brand reminds kids that there is a world to explore outside of their phones and tablets.

The Hape brand is another one available on our online shop because they make educational toys with sustainable materials. They value family and make long-lasting toys with the hope that people will pass them down to their children for generations to come.

Shop for musical instruments, or search for other products we offer, including school supplies, books, dolls, and Bruder toys. 

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