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The Globber Scooter: Canada's Go-To Scooter Choice

We've all heard our parents say it, and we have probably told our kids the same thing: "Go outside and play." With technology's dominating presence in our daily lives, children and teens are often unmotivated to get off of their devices in their free time. After a few walks with the dog or alone, it starts to lose its appeal.

A Globber scooter, on the other hand, provides a form of entertainment and motivation for children, as well as adults in Canada. Additionally, Globber scooters can be used to get to school or work, thereby saving money and time that would have been used for public transportation.  

But is a Globber scooter right for you and your children?

What Is Globber?

Globber is an innovative company that makes scooters for everyone, from toddlers to adults. They have many different series of scooters with each one catering to the needs of the age groups. 

The scooter models come in a variety of colours to suit everyone's personality, and their sleek designs provide the rider with a high-quality performance. Thinker Trove offers different scooter series, so your child can stay active, whether they're 3 years old, 13, or even 30:

GO BIKE Series

If you want the perfect bicycle for toddlers, the GO BIKE series introduces them to the world of scooters and bicycles because it combines the two designs. This Globber bicycle model is like your average bike, but it's made without pedals. It allows toddlers to develop their motor skills, as well as balance and coordination.

GO BIKEs  feature reversible frames that let your child choose their preferred seat position between two saddles. Each saddle also comes with several height positions, and the T-bar can be adjusted to the rider. 

The handlebars and saddle are made with thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which is soft, lightweight, and resistant to weather and abrasions. Made from ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foam, the tires are highly durable to ensure that they do not puncture easily.

PRIMO Series

Young children from ages three and up will enjoy the PRIMO series since the models are made with colours and designs that will appeal to their tastes. 

Each Globber PRIMO scooter comes with an adjustable T-bar to accommodate your child's fast growth. The models have polyurethane (PU) wheels that are resistant to abrasions and wear. They're made with a locking mechanism on the front for first-time riders to become accustomed to steering. Once they are confident, they can unlock it and use the lean-to-steer method of riding. The PRIMO models are designed to allow kids to make wide and sharp turns.

The Globber PRIMO Plus with Lights scooter is made with all of the same features as the PRIMO model, but the wheels light up, so your child is visible in the evenings and on cloudy days.

FLOW Series

The FLOW series is ideal for kids starting at age six, as well as teens. Unlike the PRIMO series, FLOW models have two wheels with a long and wide brake on the rear wheel. These models are made for practicality and provide comfort for the rider. They're also extra sturdy to support the rider as they grow.

The FLOW models have a triple deck that is contoured for the rider's foot. The wheels are made of PU, so the rider can use their scooter on different types of terrain. The T-bar is adjustable with curved handlebars instead of the straight ones found on PRIMO models. It's an ergonomic feature that suits the posture and height of older kids.

Some FLOW models can be folded in half into a trolley-mode of transportation.

ONE NL Series

Teens and adults will appreciate the wider T-bar on ONE NL models, as well as the anti-shaking clamp, which allows for a smoother ride. 

Like the FLOW series, ONE NL models are made with a contoured triple deck to support the rider better. The wheels are made of PU, making them durable for use on even and uneven terrain. 

Designed with a reflective sticker and bell, these models all come with a one-second folding feature that allows riders to easily store and carry their scooters.

Why Parents in Canada Love Globber

Safety is, more often than not, on a parent's mind when it comes to their children. That's why parents love Globber; they are a brand that incorporates safety into their products. 

For instance, the Globber 3-wheel scooter from the PRIMO series is made with a patented locking mechanism for the child's safety. The front wheels are locked to move in a forward and backward motion that gives kids time to ease into the lean-to-steer style of riding. 

The PRIMO Plus model also features lights on the wheels that allow drivers and cyclists to easily see your child if they're out on cloudy days  or coming home in the evenings from a friend's house.

Considering children grow up fast and may use their scooter on a daily basis, Globber products are built to last.  The materials used, such as PU, TPR, and EVA foam, are incredibly resistant to how and where kids and teens use their scooters. Because Globber scooters are built with this in mind, they save parents money in the long-term.

Thinker Trove Supports Active Lifestyles

While the majority of our store's selection is to prepare your kids for school, we also want them to have a healthy and active lifestyle at home, as well as let Mom and Dad in on the action. Our Globber product offerings for Canada are sure to provide hours of fun!

Check out the scooters above, browse ouronline store for other products, orcontact us today if you have questions!

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