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What makes Bruder, Bruder? Their love for toys and their mission to help children develop for the real world!

Over the last 95 years, Bruder Toys has made realistic trucks, cars, and figurines that withstand the test of children’s playtime. From a day spent at the park to living room shenanigans, Bruder makes it easy for kids to become engrossed in their imaginary worlds. 

Thinker Trove offers a wide selection of Bruder toys that make for a perfect gift or something to share in the classroom at recess.

Types of Bruder Toys Available

Bruder makes several lines of toy vehicles, such as: 

  • Construction (CATERPILLAR tractors)
  • Agriculture (John Deere tractors)
  • Commercial (MACK trucks)
  • Emergency Services (JEEP Rubicon police car)
  • Leisurely Activities (Snowmobiles)

Made from high-quality ABS plastics for long-lasting durability, these Bruder vehicles mirror their real world counterparts in their functionality and space. Figurines can fit inside the vehicles and get to work to make the world a better place. 

What is Special about Bruder Toys?

Some of the many cool features that will amaze kids—as well as adults—include:

  • Doors that open and shut
  • Bonnets that tilt back and forth
  • Side-view mirrors that fold inward
  • Storage space for accessories
  • Sirens and lights
  • Detachable pieces
  • Strong tires with treads for outdoor play

Note: Parents don’t have to worry about their younglings playing with Bruder toys since the company doesn’t use any glue or screws in the manufacturing of the vehicles.

Items That Inspire

When you give your child a Bruder toy, you’re encouraging them to create their own and with their siblings or friends. They imagine scenarios, build towns, and share in the fun that makes childhood memories last forever. Whether they’re at Grandma’s house or learning in the classroom, toys are an integral part to paving the way for their future. 

Products, like a MACK truck or fire engine, encourage a child’s natural curiosity and imagination. Making the real world fun for them opens them up to learning and asking more questions. Parents and educators can give them books or show them a documentary to discover the world they live in.

Canadian parents and teachers may think the prices for Bruder vehicles are a bit hefty, but that cost reflects the value of the toy. Among aficionados, Bruder’s vehicles are treated as display pieces and collector’s items. 

Thinking about getting products from Bruder? Bruder Toys is a trusted brand that never disappoints, whether you’re 2 years old or 20.

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With such life-like toy vehicles, it’s a small wonder that Bruder is a first-class European toy brand that is beloved across Canada. Their realistic products are more than just toys. They are a way to help children develop their imagination and find their passions.

Thinker Trove has educational toys and supplies for the everyday and special occasions. From scooters to hobby materials to dolls to Bruder toys, our variety of items keeps families and students active and interested in learning.

Our customer service is always happy to answer any questions you may about your orders or our vast selection of items. Check back often for promotions, or shop for more educational toys or supplies.

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